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Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships are available on a competitive basis to candidates who are admitted to one of the graduate programs in the College of Education.

Assistantship Features

Hours and Duration
Graduate Assistants are typically hired for 0.4 full-time equivalent appointments, meaning that their assignments would involve 16-20 hours per week. This allows the students to still be enrolled in a number of courses in their own program. The assistantships are commonly for the entire academic year (late August to mid-May).

A 0.4 time graduate assistant would have a salary of approximately $1,350 each month for nine months. In addition, students holding 0.4 appointments as graduate teaching assistants have their tuition waived.

To be eligible as a graduate assistant, the student must be pursuing graduate studies full-time, with a minimum of six hours of graduate credit in a semester.

Graduate Assistantships Likely to be Open Each Year

Students commonly apply for assistantships in the department in which they are seeking their degree, but are not prohibited from applying for an assistantship in other departments for which they have the necessary knowledge and skills.

Special Education, Counseling and Student Affairs
Dr. Christy Craft
301 Bluemont Hall, 785-532-5940, ccraft@k-state.edu
Several assistantships are available each year. Duties may include teaching undergraduate classes, serving as a computer consultant for research projects, or working with students and records in the Center for Student and Professional Services (teaching experience helpful in the role). In addition, graduate assistants may work in the Academic Assistance Center or in an office for personnel development.

Curriculum and Instruction
Dr. Todd Goodson
261 Bluemont Hall, 785-532-5550, tgoodson@k-state.edu
About four assistantships are available each year for supervising elementary education majors in student teaching and for teaching methods courses in reading/language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. About two assistantships are available each year for supervising secondary education student teachers, assisting in instruction in teaching methods classes and labs, and program development.

GTA Position in Department of Curriculum and Instruction (PDF)

Council for Public School Improvement
Dr. Tonnie Martinez
009 Bluemont Hall, 785-532-5689, tonnie@k-state.edu
One assistantship is available each year to arrange and implement staff development activities for local school districts and other professional organizations.

Making Contact Early

As early as possible, students are strongly encouraged to call the contact person for the department they are interested in serving as a graduate assistant. In this way, the student can learn more about the number of positions available, the duties involved, and the selection timetable. The student can also describe his or her background to be sure there is a good match with possible assistantship responsibilities.

Application and Notification

Graduate assistantship applications should be sent to each department for which employment is sought. A complete application includes two items:

  1. A letter of application which must include the following information:
    • The degree program the applicant is seeking
    • A statement about whether the applicant has already applied or has been admitted to the degree program
    • The name of the advisor (if the applicant has already been admitted
    • An indication of the semester when full-time graduate study will begin and when the applicant would be available for an assistantship
  • A resume must accompany the letter of application.

For primary consideration, the application deadline is April 1 of each year, but early submission is recommended. Applications will be received until all graduate assistantships are filled.

While each department has its own timeline for selecting the recipients of the graduate assistantships, every effort is made to notify recipients by May 1 of each year. Again, it is best to talk with the departmental assistantship contact person early about the selection timeline.

More information about graduate assistantships can be obtained by contacting the respective Department Offices.