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Graduate Student Success

Whether you are pursuing a higher degree or just interested in taking a graduate course, a graduate program through the College of Education is the best place to further your education. We offer several master's and doctoral degree opportunities, each with the reputation as being awarded by one of the top colleges in the country. Our courses are taught by diverse faculty and staff, with expertise and experience that will help you discover whatever it is you want to learn.

For information regarding the College of Education graduate programs email: coegrads@k-state.edu

Application and Admission to the Graduate School

Entrance requirements and application process for the Kansas State University Graduate School.

Enrolling in Classes

  • Enrollment for on-campus K-State courses is done through KSIS (K-State Student Information System).
  • Enrollment for online classes is done through K-State Online.

Tuition and Fees Payment

Payment is not required at time of enrollment. Tuition billing information is sent electronically and is accessible through KSIS (K-State Student Information System).

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships are available on a competitive basis to candidates who are admitted to one of the graduate programs in the College of Education.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance for information about the financial aid process, student loans, scholarships, grants, employment, veteran's benefits and tuition deferments.

Education Scholarships are available for graduate students in education.

Graduate Student Travel Grant Information

Graduate students in the College of Education have three primary sources of funding for travel to conferences.

Annual Progress Reviews of Graduate Students

As per Chapter 1.E. of the Graduate School Handbook, each graduate program has established its specific process for conducting and documenting student reviews.

Nondegree-Seeking Graduate Studies

To take a graduate course, a student must be admitted into a degree program or be admitted as a nondegree-seeking student. A nondegree-seeking student is a person who wants to take one or more credits but does not want to seek completion of a degree program.

Application and Admission Procedures

Please Submit the Following Application Materials:

  1. One Copy of the Application Form: Application for Admission to the Graduate School
    • Students must meet the same grade point average (GPA) requirements as applicants to a degree program.
    • You do not need to send letters of recommendation since they are not required by the College of Education for nondegree-seeking students.
    • No more than nine (9) hours earned as a nondegree-seeking student may be transferred into a regular degree program if a student is later admitted into a regular degree program. Students must meet the same GPA requirements as applicants to a degree program.
  2. A Transcript from the institution awarding your bachelor's degree and where applicable a transcript from all institutions where you earned any graduate credits. Copies that are stamped "issued to student" can be accepted when applying for nondegree-seeking student status, but official transcripts are needed when applying for admission to a degree program. (If you have credits at K-State, you do not need to request that transcript; we can obtain a copy of it at no cost to you.)

Licensing and Endorsement Assistance

Kansas State University offers licensing/endorsement programs for Teaching, School Specialist, and School Leadership.

Student Organizations