Kansas Endorsements in Special Education

Kansas State University prepares special education teachers at the graduate level in a cross-categorical program with high-incidence or low incidence specialization. These programs are available online. The online program links below will take you to the K-State Online website.

  • High Incidence Special Education (Online)
    High incidence special education is a program designed to prepare educators to work with children and youth with mild to moderate disabilities. To obtain this endorsement, you must be eligible for licensure in elementary or secondary education. This program is available online with the option of some courses being available on the Manhattan campus.

  • Low Incidence Special Education (Online)
    Low incidence special education is an education program designed for children and youth for whom the general education curriculum is not appropriate. Approximately 15,000 Kansas public school students need a more functional curriculum, and there is a significant shortage of low incidence special education teachers. You must have the High Incidence endorsement to add the Low Incidence. This program is available online only.

Each area of specialization has a separate course sequence designed by the College of Education. These areas have been approved by the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) and the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). The special education endorsement can be granted to a person who holds a valid Kansas teaching license.

A special education endorsement can be met without completion of the master’s degree. However, most people choose to complete the master’s degree while working toward full endorsement. Completing the master's degree is recommended by the special education faculty. Students who intend to complete a master’s degree should apply for admission to the master’s program before completing nine hours of graduate coursework.

Students pursuing a master’s degree in special education are required to complete requirements for full endorsement in High Incidence Disabilities. However, when feasible, it is advisable to plan master’s programs that also lead to Low Incidence Disabilities special education endorsement. A minimum of 30 hours of academic credit comprising an appropriate program of study must be approved early in the student’s master’s degree program by the student’s supervisory committee and the Graduate School.

For more information about the coursework and program, please contact Dr. Jim Teagarden at mrt@ksu.edu.

Licensing and Endorsement Assistance

Diane Murphy
Licensing Officer