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Technology Recommendations for Professional Education Students

Recommendations and specifications for equipment and types of software that meet the needs of entering and current professional education students. Individuals preparing to be licensed as teachers must demonstrate the ability to use modern technologies to enhance the learning of their students.

ISTE Standards for Educators

The College of Education Faculty Assembly adopted and approved the ISTE Standards for Educators in 2018.

Technology Classrooms

The College of Education supports various high-technology, fully-mediated classrooms to help pre-service teachers master skills using new digital technologies. These rooms include digital projectors, smart boards, and Apple TVs, in addition to networked computers.

Asynchronous Distance Learning

The university uses Canvas as a learning management system. Faculty and students share lessons, assignments, and documents while participating in learning activities from on or off campus locations.

The Catalyst Technology and Media Services Center

The hub of the College’s technology learning environment is the Catalyst. Located on the lower level of Bluemont Hall, this space is designed to give students access to digital learning tools in a pleasant, collaborative work environment. Students can use technology equipment and access skilled and knowledgeable technology support.

Dennis Devenney, Director of Technology – dennis@k-state.edu