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Praxis ® Tests

Licensing Tests:
Praxis ® PLT (Principles of Learning and Teaching) and Subject Assessments

The Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) requires two Praxis ® tests for a Kansas Teaching License:

  • A pedagogy test, the Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT)
  • A content test for each area you are endorsed. These tests are part of the Praxis ® tests. These tests are not required for Graduation but are required for your Teaching License. Therefore we recommend that you take these exams the semester prior to student teaching or the semester prior to graduation.
 Score Recipient Code and Attending Institution Code:
 Kansas State University – 6334

Praxis ® Kansas Testing Requirements (includes PLT and all Content Tests)

Find Test Centers and Dates

Praxis® Tests at Home– due to limited seating in many testing centers, Praxis is currently offering their most popular tests at home.

Test Preparation Materials