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Dies Available in the Makerspace


Community helper - femaleCommunity Helper Figure – Female
Community helper - maleCommunity Helper Figure – Male
Community helper – soldierCommunity Helper – Soldier
Community helper clothes- construction workerCommunity Helper Clothes – Construction Worker
Community helper clothes - fire fighterCommunity Helper Clothes – Firefighter
Community helper clothes - medical workerCommunity Helper Clothes – Medical Worker
Community helper clothes - police officerCommunity Helper Clothes – Police Officer
Community helper clothes - teacherCommunity Helper Clothes – Teacher
Community friend - athleteCommunity Friend – Athlete
Community friend - baseballCommunity Friend – Baseball
Community friend - cheerleaderCommunity Friend – Cheerleader
Community friend - footballCommunity Friend – Football
Community friend - super heroCommunity Friend – Super Hero
Dairy mini setDairy – Mini Set
Fruits mini setFruits – Mini
Grains mini setGrains – Mini
Proteins mini setProteins – Mini
Vegetables mini setVegetables – Mini
Nutrition plateNutrition Plate
Africa Africa
 Asia Asia
North AmericaNorth America
South AmericaSouth America
Attribute shapesAttribute Shapes
Bananas Bananas
shoeprintShoe Print
3D box with lid and heart-shape closureBox #1 – 3D with Lid
and Heart-shape Closure
Game spinnersGame Spinners
(needs paper fastener and base)
Maple leafMaple Leaf
Birch leafBirch Leaf
Award ribbonAward
Base 10 blocksBase 10 Blocks
(Run through Accucut machine with
small boxes first and parallel to the roller)
PowercatPowercat (2 sizes)
Available for checkout from the front desk
Circle with fractionsCircle – whole, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/6, 1/8
(6 die set)
Clock face with hands Clock Face with Hands
(needs paper fastener)
(2 die set)
Teddy bearTeddy Bear
Stand easelStand Easel
Lincoln silhouetteLincoln
Martin Luther King silhouetteMartin Luther King
Patriot silhouettePatriot
Music symbolsMusic Set – includes both clefs,
rests, notes, sharp and flat symbols
(7 die set)
3 inch block letters3-inch Block Letters
4-inch circus letters- capital A4-inch Circus Letters
Border with heartsBorder – Hearts
Border with starsBorder – Stars
Border with hollyBorder – Holly
Border with butterfliesBorder – Butterflies
Door hangerDoor Hanger
100th day set with bookmark, glasses and title100th Day Set
with bookmark, glasses and title
(3 die set)
Biology set with animal and plant cellsBiology Set with
Animal and Plant Cells
(2 die set)
Biology set with human body and organsBiology Set with
Human Body and Organs
(4 die set)
Biology set with skeletonBiology Set with Skeleton
(needs paper fastener)
(3 die set)
Butterfly life cycleButterfly Life Cycle
(4 die set)
Five sensesFive Senses
(5 die set)
Graduated flash cards Graduated Flash Cards
(needs paper fastener)
(2 die set)
Fraction circle set – whole, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/6, 1/8 (6 die set) Fraction Circle Set –
whole, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/6, 1/8
(6 die set)
Fraction fringe set Fraction Fringe Set #1 –
whole, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16
(5 die set) 
Fraction fringe set 2Fraction Fringe Set #2 –
whole, 1/3, 1/6, 1/12
(4 die set)
Frog diagramFrog Diagram – frog, heart, liver,
lungs, stomach and intestines
Frog life cycleFrog Life Cycle – eggs and tadpole,
tadpole with legs, froglet, frog
(4 die set)
Geometric 2-D setGeometric Set #2 2D –
cone, cube, cylinder, pyramid
(4 die set)
Ladybug life cycleLadybug Life Cycle
(4 die set)
Game board piecesManipulative Set #1 –
Game Board and Pieces
(needs paper fastener)
(2 die set)
Bingo card and markersManipulative Set #1 –
Bingo Card and Markers
(2 die set)
Alarm clock with handsManipulative Set #1 –
Alarm Clock with Hands
(needs paper fastener)
Flip flapManipulative Set #1 –
Flip Flaps
Flip Flap Ideas
Circular flash cardManipulative Set #1 –
Circular Flash Card
(needs paper fastener)
(2 die set)
3D math set - cone, cube, cylinder, prisms, pyramid3D Math Set – cone, cube, cylinder,
prisms, hex, rect, tri, pyramid
(7 die set)
Moon phasesMoon Phases
Pattern block setsPattern Block Set –
hexagons, parallelograms, rhombi,
squares, trapezoids and triangles
(6 die set)
PentominoesPentominoes Set
(4 die set)
Platonic setPlatonic Set –
octagon, hexagon, pentagon,
square, triangle
(5 die set)
Rainforest set with birds, bugs, monkey, lizard, kapok tree, parrot, grass, and toucanRainforest Set –
monkey, lizard, kapok tree, parrot,
birds and bugs, grass, and toucan
(7 die set)
BeakerScience Set #1 – Beaker
Magnifying glassScience Set #1 – Magnifying Glass
MicroscopeScience Set #1 – Microscope
Test tubeScience Set #1 – Test Tube
TelescopeScience Set #1 – Telescope
Simple machines - inclined plane, lever, nut and bolt, pulley, wedge, wheel and axleSimple Machines Set –
inclined plane, lever, nut and bolt, pulley,
wedge, wheel and axle
(6 die set)
PlanetsSpace Set – Planets
AstronautSpace Set – Astronaut
Space shuttleSpace Set – Space Shuttle
States of matterStates of Matter
ThermometerThermometer with Slide
Water cycleWater Cycle Set –
mountain, wave, tree, clouds,
sun, raindrops, arrow
(7 die set)
AtomScience Set #2 – Atom
BatteryScience Set #2 – Battery
Light switchScience Set #2 – Light Switch
FlaskScience Set #2 – Flask
test tube, flask, lightbulb, lightning boltScience Set #2 – Science Minis
test tube, flask, lightbulb, lightning bolt
BoomerangScience Manipulative – Boomerang
Lesson in Forces and Motion from
Astronaut John Casper (PDF)
RocketScience Manipulative – Rocket
A Lesson Illustrating Newton's
Third Law of Motion (PDF)
RotocopterScience Manipulative – Roto-Copter
A Lesson in Aerodynamics
and Testing Variable (PDF)
GearsScience Manipulative – Gears
A Lesson in the Motion and
Rotation of Simple Gears (PDF)
Circle, oval, parallelogram, rectangle, square, triangle, trapezoidGeometric Set #3 –
circle, oval, parallelogram, rectangle,
square, triangle, trapezoid
(7 die set)
Light bulb bookScience Set #2 – Light Bulb Book
Clear cut – awardClear Cut – Award
Clear cut - award ribbonClear Cut – Award Ribbon
Clear cut - door hangerClear Cut – Door Hanger
Clear cut - puzzle pieceClear Cut – Puzzle Piece