Advising is required as a condition for enrollment. You are responsible for initiating advising contact and preparing for advising sessions.

Preparing for Your Appointment

  • Check your “Student Center” on KSIS for:

    • Date and time (enrollment appointment) you can enroll in classes

    • Holds that impact enrollment – transcripts, Lafene, Cashier's Office, Parking Services

    • The annual advisor survey link

    • Schedule your appointment on SSC Campus.

    • Run a new DARS report prior to planning classes

  • Go to K-State Courses or KSIS to create a schedule

    Use your Grad plan to help you choose appropriate courses. After advising, enrollment can be completed on-line via KSIS.

  • Certain courses require special permission prior to enrollment:

  • Refer to the Student Success Checklist (below) for more information about important dates and deadlines such as the STAR form and testing.

Enrollment Documents for Spring 2024

Center for Student Success and Professional Services

Dr. Roger Schieferecke
Assistant Dean and Director
013 Bluemont Hall