Professional Development Hours

As part of your educational experiences in your professional program, you will engage and document 40 hours worth of professional development and service. These are hours above and beyond the work that is required for your coursework. These opportunities should be meaningful to you, providing you with avenues to: grow professionally, connect with schools and their communities, and engage with fellow EDCATS in campus organizations and events.

There are two areas in this professional development component of your teacher preparation:

  • Professional Growth/Service to the Profession (20 hours required)

  • Educational Service to Youth and Families (20 hours required)

Professional Growth/Service to the Profession

These are experiences that pertain to your contributions to the field of education and the profession. These include but are not limited to attending professional/educational meetings, workshops, in-service programs and conferences.

Educational Service to Youth and Families

These are experiences that pertain to any volunteer work with children (K-12) and their families. This could include tutoring in your schools. It can also include opportunities within your community.

Documentation Process

The documentation process for professional hours is subject to the policies as outlined by the Kansas State University’s Honor and Integrity System. Falsification of documentation prior to the submission process is a violation of the Honor Pledge and will be handled as such.

Documentation is to be submitted through EDCATS Central by November 1 or April 1 of the semester prior to student teaching.

Students must document experiences with verification forms signed by an organization contact in both the professional growth/service to the profession and education service to youth and families. These forms may be supplemented by program brochures, meeting agendas, or registration receipts.

Please see EDCATS Central, located on your Canvas Dashboard, for more information and documentation forms.

Office of Field Experiences

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