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Educational Studies Field Experiences

See the Educational Studies Program page for more information about program requirements.

educational studies field experiencesThe Educational Studies program prepares successful candidates to participate in shaping and making educational policy, working with youth in non-school settings, preparing for international teaching, or participating in the entrepreneurial realm.

Candidates will take coursework that will help them understand today’s students as well as the current and future state of education. The thematic focus and electives to the program will allow students to personalize their program to meet their goals.

Students will complete a formal internship experience according to their career goals during the final semester of coursework. The internship will be a significant element of the degree, as it provides the students valuable professional experience that is connected to their chosen area of emphasis. Just as the student teaching internship is the capstone for students pursuing teacher licensure, this internship will serve as the degree’s capstone.

This capstone experience will be structured specifically for each student, based on his or her career needs. It will include, but not be limited to, experiences in community, government, public policy, traditional classroom settings, or pastoral programs. These real-life experiences will be offered during the final semester, while students are also taking courses, to combine classroom academics and field experiences.

⇒ Access the Handbook and Portfolio Requirements on the Educational Studies site in K-State Canvas

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Mary Marston, Educational Studies Program Coordinator
Bluemont Hall 201 – 785-532-6171 – mmarston@k-state.edu