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Academic Advising Graduate Programs

Tuition Information: See the Cashiers and Student Accounts website for tuition and fee schedules.

Academic Advising Graduate Certificate (Online)

This 15-hour graduate certificate was developed in collaboration with the National Academic Advising Association. The graduate certificate program is designed to prepare students for positions as academic advisors in college and university settings and to provide additional skills and knowledge for advisors already in the field of academic advising.

Academic Advising Master's Degree (Online)

This program is designed to prepare academic advising professionals to work more effectively with postsecondary students in their academic and career planning. The degree is intended for practicing advisors and administrators desiring more formal education relating to academic advising, for faculty seeking advising knowledge beyond their discipline, and for students anticipating academic advising roles. The degree program is 30 hours and all courses are offered online. The program was developed in collaboration with NACADA: The Global Community for Academic Advising (NACADA).

Candidates will:

  • Know and apply advising strategies to institutional advising programs and individual advising
  • Assess psychosocial factors that impact student learning
  • Design interventions to assist students in overcoming learning barriers and enhancing learning approaches to improve their academic performance
  • Know and apply student development theories to academic advising
  • Know and apply theories of career development and related constructs to assist students with their academic and career planning
  • Understand the influence of multicultural factors on the advising relationship and the content of advising with students
  • Understand the needs and characteristics of specific groups of students (e.g., students with learning disabilities, student athletes, adult students, exploratory students) and apply this to academic advising
  • Know and demonstrate skills and strategies needed to enhance communication and relationship building in advising
  • Apply strategies for assessing academic advising programs and services
  • Develop and implement advisor training programs
  • Evaluate the performance of academic advisors

Leadership in Academic Advising Doctorate (Ph.D.) (Online)

This Ph.D. program is cohort-based and prepares professionals for leadership roles in research and teaching focused on academic advising in higher education, with an emphasis on the contributions of diversity, theory, practice and research of professional advising.

Careers and Additional Program Information

For more information about Academic Advising graduate programs, call 785-532-5541 or email cjwalker@k-state.edu