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Partnering to Develop Teacher Leadership Capacity

Isn’t it wonderful when the spark of an idea develops, becomes a plan, and the plan actually works better than ever anticipated. – Dan Yunk

Nearly 20 years ago, a small group of university and school district leaders began a difficult conversation about the future of leadership in Kansas schools. After much discussion and planning, a new approach to preparing school leaders was born, seamlessly merging theory and practice and based on true university/school district partnerships. Since that brave beginning, to date some 419 teachers participated across a total of 25 partnership academies with plans for more in the future.

On September 27, 2018, participants, contributors, and those benefitting from the leadership capacity produced from these partnerships came together to celebrate.

Partnering to Develop Teacher Leadership Capacity Celebration program (PDF)

Partnering to Develop Teacher Leadership Capacity Celebration

Some things have changed since the first university/district academy model was initiated. Perhaps the most significant event: the focus moved from principal preparation to teacher leadership. Research and best practice continue to support the absolute necessity of team leadership in education and in other settings. In schools, this means leadership skills are as important for teachers as they are for formal position holders. Today’s academy model gives participants the option of completing the required state license for building leader positions, while also filling leadership needs at the classroom level.

It is my mission as a teacher leader to empower others in our organization to not only lead, but to continue to commit to professional growth in teaching and learning practices that ignite outcomes leading to student success, the ultimate end goal. – Leadership Academy student

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