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Building Leadership Licensure (Principal)

Tuition Information: See the Cashiers and Student Accounts website for tuition and fee schedules.

This endorsement qualifies you to be a building principal at the PK–12 level.

Building or District Administrator Requirements

  • You must have five years of experience in a state-accredited school while holding a professional level teaching, school specialist or clinical license or a full vocational-technical certificate.
  • You must complete the appropriate approved graduate level school leadership program and hold a graduate degree to qualify for a school leadership license.
  • Contact the licensure officer for a plan of study, including entry requirements into the program. You should not start the program unless you meet the experience requirements described above.
  • Complete all program and degree requirements:
    • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25 or above in your graduate coursework (listed below) is required.

Complete a School Leadership Content Test:


  1. Apply for and receive an initial school leadership license.
  2. Complete a performance assessment: A year-long approved mentoring program chosen by the hiring local education agency.
  3. Apply for and receive a five –year professional school leadership license.

Initial Building Leadership License Coursework (36 Credits)*

All courses are 3 credits.

A. Leadership Core (9 credits)

  • EDLEA 801 – Ethical Dimensions of Educational Leadership
  • EDLEA 810 – Historical and Philosophical Analysis of Leadership in Education
  • EDLEA 836 – School-Community Relations

B. Student Learning Needs (6 credits)

  1. EDSP 833 – Administration of Special Education Programs or
    EDSP 886 – Seminar in Special Education
  2. EDCEP 715 – Principles of Assessment or
    EDCEP 816 – Research Methods or
    EDLEA 886 – Seminar in Research for School Leaders

C. Leadership Operations (21 credits)

  • EDLEA 819 – Introduction to Education Finance
  • EDLEA 831 – Education Law
  • EDLEA 835 – The Principalship
  • EDLEA 855 – Administrative Leadership in Curriculum
  • EDLEA 865 – Administrative Leadership in Staff Development
  • EDLEA 885 – Technology Leadership for Administrators
  • EDLEA 889 – Practicum in Educational Leadership
  • EDLEA 910 – Educational Human Resource Administration

Total Credits: 30-36

* All initial building leadership license candidates must complete the School Leaders Licensure Assessment through ETS (see below).

** Students are required to document a minimum of 150 clock hours guided field experience through the formal practicum and other coursework (i.e. additional practicum requirements are imbedded in many courses in the licensure sequence to assist in reaching the 150 clock hour requirement). A written log of practicum activities must be included with the student’s final portfolio assessment. The department requires that at least 25% of clock hours be spent in a diverse setting, defined as a site in which the ethnic/racial/economic diversity composition is 25% or greater.

What are the requirements for a school leadership license?

Initial School Leadership License

  • Graduate degree from a regionally accredited college
  • Completion of a graduate level state approved program in school leadership
  • 3.25 cumulative grade point average in graduate coursework
  • Recency - means the applicant must have at least 8 credit hours or one year of accredited experience completed within the last six years
  • A minimum of five years of accredited experience under a valid professional license/certificate
  • School leadership licensure assessment

Professional School Leadership License

  • The administrator must hold a currently valid initial school leadership license. While holding the initial license the administrator must complete a performance assessment (year-long approved mentoring program chosen by the hiring local education agency).

For more information about the Building Administrative Leadership Licensure, please contact: Dr. Robert Hachiya at rhachiya@k-state.edu.