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Shebani's Artistic Journey

A young newcomer student shares his artwork and story, included on a newcomer paper quilt art project (additional video not in the documentary film):


How about stand right there and lean against the wall. Right here, right here, over this way a little more. Okay, cross your arms – there you go! What an awesome picture. Now I want you to show me the one you made.

Show me which one is yours. The first one. This one up here? Mmm hmm. Yeah, there's your name. And what you drew about being an art teacher on here? That one is, that one – have a long mustache – that's my art teacher. That’s your art teacher. And then you tell – what is this? Our church. That's your church here in Wichita? Yes. Okay. And is that a computer? Mm-hmm. Do you like computers? Yes. What is this – red thing? A guitar. A guitar! You like guitars too? On here, when they show guitar if you was doing good and they called you in the gym and they call, you are a rock star. And you're a rock star! Give me five. I agree – you're a rock star. I love this. Keep drawing and then you'll start painting and you'll be a famous artist and you'll be an even better art teacher. I love that. Thank you. All right.

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Published April 2019

Recommended Citation: Harlow, Trina D., "Journey to Refuge: Understanding Refugees, Exploring Trauma, and Best Practices for Newcomers and Schools" (2019). NPP eBooks. 26. https://newprairiepress.org/ebooks/26

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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For more information about the eBook or film, please contact Dr. Trina Harlow, Book Editor and Film Co-Director, at drtrinaharlow@gmail.com.